Birch Street Action Council

"Helping the world, one little thing at a time"

What is Action Council?

As part of growing our International Baccalaureate program at Birch Street Elementary, we are excited to offer 3rd graders the chance to learn about leadership and action in our community. One thing that an IB school does, is show children how they can make a difference in the world big or small.

This is the first year we have offered such a program to our students. We started the process with an application letter. Students had to apply to be a part of the council by describing how they model the IB Learner Profile and would be a good leader. We look forward to lots of great things from these young leaders!

First Action!

Dear Birch Street Family,

Our Action Council of 3rd grade students got together and decided that our first mission was going to be to help gather food for a local food pantry in Kalkaska, KAIR. We are making this into a competition between our classes, to see who can collect the most canned or dry foods. The class in each grade level that gathers the most items by the end of March (we will tally before spring break) will earn free popcorn for the entire class!!!

Let the fun begin!!!!

The Action Council will bring you a box by the end of this week. Please include this information in your friday newsletter to help gather more food. Action Council students and myself will come around weekly to collect the food and count the items. Good luck!

Enjoy our first ever public service announcement below!


the Action Council and Mrs. Reust
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More info?

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