Information vacation for Barbados

Land and Climate

Barbados is 166 square Miles. Barbados has very few rivers. The soil in Barbados is very fertile. The rainy season in Barbados is June to October. Average temperture in Barbados is 85 degrees. Barbados is part of the lesser antillies. Barbados has very few hilly areas.


Barbados Goverment and history facts

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown. The current prime minister is Fruendel Stuart. All citisenz may vote at the age of 18. slavery came to an end in 1838. woman were allowed to vote in 1944. The original inhabitat were arawak indians. Eral Barrow was the first Barbados prime minister.

Economy facts

  • Barbados has the highest standard of living in the carribean. Tourism has been the larger industry and employer in Barbadosfor more than 20 years. Natural resources include fish,sugarcane,tropical fruits. The country exports sugar,rum,textiles the stuff trades with the us

Barbados Vacation

Day 1 flying to barbados cost 2100 dollars

Day 2 Found hotel Allamda beach hotel, ate break fest,went on a submarine tour.

Day 3 Ate Breakfast,kayacking in the ocean, bought 2 necklaces

Day 4 ate Breakfast natural wonder wildlife tour, bought 1 t-shirt

Day 5 ate Breakfast, barbados shore excursion tour 200 dollars, bought one more t-shirt

Day 6 ate Breakfast, went surfing on the ocean 60 dollars

Day 7 flyed back to home cost 2100 dollars

Total cost of trip 6,953 dollars