MDManage Offers Full-Service Suite for Medical Billing

About MDManage

A certified medical billing company located in Edison, New Jersey, MDManage handles services for more than 100 health-care providers and operates with nine years of experience in medical and technology services. MDManage focuses on building a foundation of trust with its clients and approaches billing and collections with an emphasis on flexibility through process, people, and technology.

Company services consist of a comprehensive list of solutions for all areas of medical billing and outsourcing, including payment posting, account analysis, risk aversion, and operating cost control. MDManage clients also can access practice management solutions for verbal and written collections, primary and secondary payer billing, and explanations of benefits. Additionally, MDManage offers medical transcription and technology solutions for website development and tech maintenance. Electronic medical record options help clients manage a variety of patient information, such as lab reports and prescription data.

To safeguard patient information, MDManage maintains a commitment to client and patient security by adhering to guidelines established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). MDManage provides HIPAA security training for all employs and follows strict security protocols that include shredding documents and limiting accessibility to keys and pass codes.