Empowers you to make any video your lesson

What is EDpuzzle?

If you use videos in the classroom, EDpuzzle is a must have!

Take any video from YouTube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, etc. make it perfect for your classroom and more engaging for your students.

Make any video a true lesson by making it to the point, personal and effective, plus get all the data about your students so you know if they truly understand the lesson.

Advantages of Flipping Lessons with EDpuzzle

1. You arrive to class knowing who understands the topic and who needs extra help.

2. You spend less time speaking from the front and more time on individual assistance.

3. Students that miss classes have the capacity to catch up more easily.

4. It makes viewing clips fully interactive rather than passive.

5. The data collected by EDpuzzle can inform your reporting on participation and effort.

Elementary Teachers

  • EDpuzzle could be used as part of a guided reading center. YouTube has lots of great read-along videos. (You can also create your own based on class reading!) Use these videos along with EDpuzzle to check for comprehension. As the video plays, embed questions to check for understanding. Students can independently go through the guided reading activity, while you work one-on-one with other reading groups. Rotate the reading groups throughout the week so that each student gets the opportunity to go through the EDpuzzle guided reading activity, and each group gets one-on-one time with you. This is a fantastic way to maximize your time and get valuable feedback from all student learning.
  • EDpuzzle could also be used in this way as a science center (with a video pertaining to an experiment or new learning), a math center, etc. I love using center rotations because it ensures that I have time to work closely with each group.

Secondary Teachers

  • EDpuzzle is a great way to check for understanding. It is also a wonderful way for students to create and demonstrate understanding. EDpuzzle would be ideal for sub days. It's hard being away from the classroom because it can essentially be a lost day. Even if the substitute did EXACTLY what you ask, you miss the opportunity to see your students work and think. EDpuzzle would give you the ability to “teach” remotely and embed the same questions and promptings you would give if you were live in the classroom. While you won’t get to hear all of the discussion, you will have some feedback to better understand how your students were thinking.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1:

Crop the video, use only what you need for your lesson.

Record your voice on top of it to explain it in your own personal way, add clarifications, a warm introduction, you name it.

Add quizzes along the video and check if your students truly understand the lesson.

Step 2:

Assign it to your class/classes and let your students watch the video and answer the quizzes.

Step 3:

Get meaningful data and insights about your students while they watch the video lesson or after they have completed it as homework. See at a glance how they are answering the quizzes and where in the video they are struggling to understand the concepts.