Journey Through Sixth Grade

Week of February 29th

Things to look forward to...

  • Friday, March 4-March 11: Middle School Talent Show Auditions. For more information, contact 8th graders Michael Balian or Audrey Bland, or click here.
  • Thursday, March 17: Middle School Talent Show, regular uniform with St. Patrick's Day accessories. Students and teachers only.
  • Friday, March 18: No School, Conference Day
  • Thursday, March 24: Stations of the Cross, 8:30am Gym
  • Friday, March 25-April 3: Easter Break, No School

Drivers needed!!!

We are still in need of drivers for next Mondays final field trip to the Huntington.
March 7th: 9am-2pm. Lunch will be provided.

Here is the link to sign up:


Magazines Needed!!!

From the Huntington Experience, 6th graders are taking back their knowledge on the farm to table experience and the Artists Garden exhibit to create their own Artists Garden portrayal. We need magazines for this project! If you have any that you would care to donate please send them with your 6th grader, who can give them to Nicole Sanders!


Used Uniform Sale!!!

The Used Uniform Sale is Friday, March 4 from 7:30 to 2:30. Are your boy’s pants now capris? Is your daughter’s skirt a mini-skirt? Are the white and blue shirts now patterned with various stains and colors? Then come to the used uniform sale and get refreshed for the end of the year!

6th Grade Spanish Curriculum 2015/2016:

The 2015-2016 school year has given the sixth grade an opportunity to collaborate more within the Spanish Department. This year’s structure allowed students to be exposed to two teaching styles in order to increase their exposure to the language. Students were presented with more communication in the language using comprehensible input and lots of repetition. In the first semester (plus) the students were split into two classes that spent some time with each teacher before switching to the other. With Ms. Velasco, students used projects to integrate grammar and vocabulary. With Mr. Garcia, students used reading and storytelling to increase reading comprehension and learn new vocabulary structures.

Now that all students have had an opportunity to work with both teachers, here is what’s coming up next for your 6th grader in Spanish: The remainder of this semester will be used to prepare students as we transition into a new book curriculum next year. We will be using Español Santinalla, which is divided into book A and book B. Students will finish the semester with their original X Y class. This is the class they have officially on their schedule. Both classes will use parts of book A to prepare students to start with book B in the fall of 7th grade. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the program, please feel free to contact Mr. Garcia or Ms. Velasco

Spring Conference's are Upon us

Friday March 18th

There will be ONE day for Spring Conferences for middle school students and parents (grades 5-8), however these are defined as NEED based. Sign Ups will be made available online two weeks before the date.

Teachers in all subject areas (and advisory) will be available for brief 10 minute appointments, but will not be able to meet with every parent as they did in the fall due to time and numbers.

The Huntington Library

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