Mrs. Bradford's Peek of the Month

May 2016

Importants Dates

May 18th Track and Field Day *** Wear Tennis shoes and Bring a Waterbottle

May 18th- Last day of Library check out

May25th- All books due at Library

May 26th - Field Trip to Carpentuer Nature Center- *volunteer space available

May 30th- No school Memorial Day

June 1st Pop into Liteacy event at Site 1 6-7:30

June 9th 2:30 End of the year Variety show

Star of the Week

May 4- Abhi

The kids have been asking for Show and Tell again so we will have show and tell from here on out starting May 9th. Students will sign up for days. Also if you want to come in and read, just let me know.


May 2nd -May 13- Garden/Planting

May 16-May 27- Farms


May 5th Asher

Math focus


  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Symmetry, equal part, and halves


  • Equal parts
  • Halves
  • Ordinal numbers


  • Telling Time to the hour
  • AM/PM
  • Order of the day

Shared Reading

Shared Reading Skills:

  • Making Connections
  • Main Idea and Sequencing Details
  • Review of Reading Stratedgies

Writers Workshop

Opinion Writing

End of the year Publishing

Focus letters/Spelling

We are continuing to focus on consonant blends in May (l blends and r blends) and review of word families. Homework should be a review and your child should be able to complete it on his/her own.


- ay- chunk

Things To Do At Home

  • ·Preactice 3 D Shape
  • Read & write super words
  • Counting backward from 20· Identify numbers 0-31
  • Identify coins – names and values
  • Adding and subtracting up to 20 with objects
  • Practice Telling time

* Read Daily and practice on Raz kids

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