April Showers, May Flowers, Etc.

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May is tougher this year. As many of you know, my mom died unexpectedly last month, which is why you didn't hear from me in April. This is especially complicated timing given the upcoming celebration of Mother's Day. In fact, I debated ignoring the holiday altogether - and simply not sending a newsletter this month too.

But I decided that, ultimately, this is a day on which we women should all celebrate each other and encourage and remind one another how we are valued. So I encourage you this Mother's Day to send a card to at least one woman who isn't your mom and tell her why you value her. And, hey, if you want to throw in a little something from R+F for her to enjoy, I'm here to help with that too; my friend will be receiving Brightening Hand Cream, my all time fave R+F product :).

In this edition you'll find:

-- R+F in Vogue

-- Acute Care / My Mother's Day Gift to You

-- Skin Quiz & a Freebie

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VOGUE: You're in the Major Leagues

R+F receives a *ton* of free press, but most of it doesn't meant that much to me because my magazine reading is very limited. If something is in Vogue, however, I pretty much consider it to be the gospel truth. So, R+F's Lip Serum's appearance on the Vogue 2015 Spring Hit List? Huge! So exciting! Using these anti-oxidant rich capsules will change your lips, friends. In fact, using the Serum plus our Lip Microderm Stick before bed got me off chapstick. True story. It comes in caplets, so: economical, no mess, no drying out. Preferred Customer price is $49 for a jar of 60. A perfect add-on to your next order!
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ACUTE CARE: Fill Wrinkles While You Sleep

What exactly is Acute Care?

Before, if you wanted to treat expression lines, your options essentially consisted of painful injectable fillers (made of chemicals and come with side effects). Today, there is REDEFINE ACUTE CARE: skin care for expression lines. Acute Care patches sit on your expression lines like band aids, filling wrinkles with liquid cones that melt into your expression lines while you sleep for visibly diminished wrinkles and smoother looking skin.

Acute Care ...

  • is non-invasive
  • is a great alternative to fillers
  • gives noticeable results after just one use
  • gives lasting results
  • is a wrinkle-warrior
  • uses NO needles
  • contains only 2 ingredients!!!
  • is exclusive to R+F
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I am giving away an entire box of Acute Care in time for Mother's Day! The retail price on this is $220, Preferred Customer price $198. This would be an awesome treat for your self or gift for the favorite mom in your life.

-Everyone who places an order between today and May 7 will receive 1 entry (this way I can mail it to you or your mom of choice as a MD gift).

-Add a Lip Serum to your order and receive an additional entry for each jar.

-Purchase a box of Acute Care for yourself and receive 1 additional entry.

**Note, if your replenishment is scheduled for later in May, I can move it up for you; if you ordered in April, you're entitled to free shipping again in May as long as I place the order for you. If you ordered in April already, you can also send me a note and I'll your items to my own end of month order.

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1. True and False!

If you’re going to be spending time outdoors, the FDA recommends reapplying a broad-spectrum sunscreen every two hours or immediately after swimming or if you’re sweating. If you’re simply driving to work and inside most of the day (and not near windows), applying a broad spectrum SPF 30 once a day may suffice.

2. False.
SPF only gives half the story, as it only measures how effective a sunscreen is against UVB burning rays. You also want to ensure the formulation is broad spectrum, which protects against the long-wave aging UVA rays as well. Look for ingredients like avobenzone (defends against UVA), zinc (defends against UVA and UVB) and titanium dioxide (defends against UVA and UVB). REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment’s SHIELDrfP Technology, for example, combines an exclusive complex of avobenzone, a key absorber of aging UVA rays, with antioxidants that help stabilize the broad-spectrum protection to visibly decelerate the signs of photoaging over time.

3. False.
An SPF 30 blocks about 97% of UVB rays, while an SPF 45 offers only small, incremental advantage—about 98% protection against UVB rays. Anything higher offers only negligible protection. It’s more important to reapply, so choose a formula that’s aesthetically pleasing.

4. True.

UV rays can destroy cells and alter the DNA in others. Over time, collagen and elastin fibers break down, resulting in wrinkling and sagging. The best defense is sunscreen, but you can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines that have already appeared with topical approaches such as retinol, glycolic acid, or, in the case of REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

5. True.

However, malignant growths are also commonly found along the hairline, neck, ears and upper torso—places people aren’t as diligent about applying their sunscreen.

This month, every referral you send me earns you a bottle of our viral Sunless Tanner - enjoy a gorgeously golden glow without risking any sun damage at all! Just forward this newsletter to your friends, and for each one who becomes a Preferred Customer in late April or all of May I'll send you a bottle!


Thank you for your continued business and your referrals. I am always available for questions about your order, products, and anything else! I'll be in touch with each of you as your replenishment approaches to answer any questions.