Miss Vickers' Kindergarten Class

Tuesday, October 29

Compass Learning

Tomorrow, I will be sending home small pink cards with your child's Compass Learning information on it. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP THIS CARD. If you have computer and internet access at home, this is a great tool for your children to use for educational activities. This is something that we use in the classroom and that the children use in Technology class. I have preloaded reading and math activities on there that start out at beginning Kindergarten level, but as they pass them, I can add new ones for each child. It is a wonderful program that is safe for them to use! I can see their progress and their work at home directly links to the work they do at school. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Fall Fun

As you know from the reminders, we have Fall Fun on Thursday!! Our class can use lots of help packing the bags of snack and putting the bags together for our class before the celebration. If you are able to come, please come at 11:30 to help set up and put everything together! We also need help at the stations and making sure the kids get around to each station. Everyone is welcome!!

Updates and Reminders

-I apologize that we have not been to the library the last 2 Fridays. We had our field trip and last week the library was closed during our library time. We will go this week during our regular time.

-Please make sure names are inside all coats/hats/gloves/etc!

-Please attach a note with your child's name to whatever money you send in! We have a lot of money going towards different things right now and we want to make sure it gets to the right person and the right place :)

***REPORT CARDS come home tomorrow! Please sign and return the cover as soon as possible. Also, please read the information about independent and instructional reading levels. It is really great information about what types of books to get for your children!

-I have a Scholastic order that did not have a name on it so I do not know who to give it to! If you ordered books and did not get them, please let me know!

-Go ahead and mark your calendar--November 22 is our big Thanksgiving lunch! Our lunch time will last longer than usual (I will get back to you on the time). I am sending home information about our Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.

What Are we doing In Math?

Hopefully you saw where I sent home your child's Am I Ready? and Check My Progress from this chapter. The Am I Ready? is done before the chapter and the Check My Progress is done after the first 4 lessons--both without any help, just to see how they are doing. In this chapter, we will count all the way to 100, and learn how to skip count by 10's all the way to 100!

What are we going in reading?

We changed our reading groups so that the children recieve guided reading in small groups based on their needs 4 days a week. The best way to help your child with this is to ask them, "What did you learn today in your guided reading group that will help you be a better reader/writer?" or "What did you learn while you were reading that you can use while you are reading other books?" This is new language to them, but we are practicing it :) This helps them understand that the lessons have a purpose and they are taking things away from them that they can use not just in the book we show them, but in every book! Extending it to home will help them even more!

What are we doing in Writing?

We are still working on telling informational stories. We are working on making our stories flow together over three pages, adding details, labeling, and stretching out our words and writing down the sounds we hear. We are now practicing how to use environmental print to help us figure out spell unknown words, and ask our partner questions to help them with their writing.

The Importance of Nonfiction

As your readers continue to grow through the reading process, it is important that they are not only exposed to fiction texts, which is a favorite for most young readers. Having children read nonfiction texts does so much to help them grow!! Find a topic your child is interested in (basketball, sharks, puppies, ballerinas, tornadoes, the Titantic, etc.) and read about it. It is very helpful to point out the text features in nonfiction text features and discuss how to use them in a text (this is a huge push in the new State Standards that we will discuss later in the year). Nonfiction text is so important because it not only helps your children grow as readers, but it expands their knowledge of the world at the same time (two lessons in one)!!

Some nonfiction websites that are great for kids:

www.wonderopolis.org- Every day this website has a new "wonder." You can ask your child about the wonder of the day and see how creative their answers are. The answers to the wonders are on the site, but some get pretty scientific, so you may want to paraphrase into more "kindergarten friendly" language. *There is also an Ipad App where you can see the daily wonder.

www.natgeokids.com-This website has all kinds of fun, kid friendly, non-fiction. There are quizzes, games, pictures, news, etc. You can also look at news articles from the community and from different places around the world.

www.timeforkids.com-This site is a little more advanced than natgeo, but still has a ton of great nonfiction activities.

www.wegivebooks.org-Don't have a chance to go to the library? Sign up for free and you have access to a ton of free books on this website!

***Here is a great website that explains the importance of nonfiction and gives you some ideas of what to focus on when reading them with your child! http://www.brainpopjr.com/readingandwriting/readingskills/readingnonfiction/grownups.weml