Infant Stimulation

By: Ashley Williams

Tips To Stimulate Your Child

Keep it Simple-

You want to keep experiences for infants simple and very positive. By doing this it helps build pathways between the neurons.





Matching experiences to abilities-

Children have to have physical experiences to learn. but you dont want to have a too advanced example for them.


Easy Puzzles

Matching Colors or shapes toy

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Having a set schedule for an infant is important. It helps the baby know whats going to happen.


Reading a Book

Nap time

Involving the baby-

Have the baby do things with you or have the baby take part in some experiences.


Picking up toys

Turning page in a book

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Have variety-

Have your baby experience a variety of things but don't overload them with multiple things.


Going to the park

Giving them new items to play with

Avoiding things the baby doesn't want-

Let the baby learn by the things they find important or like. Don't make them do things they don't want to do.


reading what they want to read

Playing with the toys they find interesting

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