How To Attract Money, Health & Love

This question baffles one and all in today’s material world. Here are excerpts from a conversation with Grand Masters Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul, Founders of Karma Kundalini Yog and Create Wealth through Law of attraction. They are also Ambassador & Administrator of thetahealing in India & United Arab Emirates and have spiritually healed thousands of people across the world. Here are excerpts from a conversation with them:

Why do people have money problems?

When people chase money, money runs away from them. Money must be attracted. If it is not in your karma, you have to attract it by using techniques we teach in our seminars. These techniques were kept secret till now. All wealthy people attract money. Money is an energy tonic, it increases what you already have.

If a person is happy, money will increase his/her happiness. Money is a spiritual energy. The amount of wealth that you have is equal to how much value you have provided to world, how much you care about the world. Earning money from doing positive karma business brings a lot of happiness. A person's negative beliefs limit him from earning more money and sometimes, from being happy with the amount of money he has.

Why do people have relationship problems? Why are they unable to find love?

It is seen that people who have failed in relationships or who have been divorced, are divorced again the maximum number of times in new relationships. This means that even when they know they do not want the same kind of partner as before, they still attract the same type of person and therefore, get divorced again. Or else, continue in an unhappy marriage due to the social stigma attached to a divorce in India.

This is pure karma of suffering and sacrificing in life. The person suffering thus must work upon and remove his/her negative beliefs like, "It is difficult to trust and love a man/woman" , "I hate men/women".

You can learn from us the spiritual technique of manifesting the most compatible and best soulmate because since we may have more than one soulmate, we must find the most compatible of them all. It is said that 85 per cent of compatibility is spiritual compatibility – which is having similar beliefs and values – otherwise, relationships develop problems and break in the end.

Why do people have health problems?

All health problems are caused by emotional pain. Even accidents happen to those who are rebellious, angry and frustrated, or who have a habit of doing many things in very less time. People who are critical and judgmental soon develop stomach problems and joint aches. People who lack the support of loved ones, like spouse, mother and father, or have emotional burdens like guilty love, develop spine problems. People who develop cancer, have hidden feelings of hate and feelings of lack of support in their life. People with heart problems have known betrayal, lack of love and lack of joy as their karmic causes.

Can the technique that you teach remove Black magic ,evil eye,curses from us and our homes etc ?

Yes of course ,there is no power greater than God's unconditional love ,All black magic ,evil eye ,psychic curses and hooks are negative thought form & can be changed .Most of the times these energies come to you because of your own subconscious guilt from this life ,past life or your parent's DNA inside you ,which is genetic curse.Removing such negative energies from body ,loved ones ,house and office brings abundance in life and lots of positive energy and blessings.

What is this Karma that you teach must be resolved ,please explain ?

-Karma is a spiritual force that has beliefs ,memories and experiences of current life,past life of your soul as well as your body thorough your Dna of mother/father /ancestors that impact your decisions and events in future ,for eg.if in this life you are trained that money is difficult to earn ,then it will always be difficult for you to earn money .if your mother had suicidal tendencies,diabetes then it will be inherited and is very important to heal otherwise this suffering Karma will keep on passing to their children and so on and on.If in a past life you were drowned or buried alive the you can develop asthma ,claustrophobia. This is because if you are a spirit that is energy then this energy cannot be destroyed but transformed from one form to another in different times or lives .

Can we attain Moksha /enlightenment from this technique ?

Enlightenment is a state of Pure Bliss.You can be in that state of joy when you practice the teachings we teach you in our courses,not only that but your family will also experience pure happiness and joy moving towards next level of evolvement because your DNA is linked to them

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