My Career

By: Devin Nichols

1.What do you want to be when you grow up


2. does this career go along with your personal interest

Yes it ties into being a culinary master
3.What type of education is required for your career choice

A bachelor's degree, Li-censure, certification, or registration required in many states

4. what is the average cost for the entire education of your career choice

It would cause 52,424$ to go to ASU for 4 years

9. What are the basic job duties for your career

Manage food service systems, Assess patient's/resident's' nutritional needs, plan menus, Teach others proper nutrition and special diets

10. List interesting facts you have learned about your selected career during the research

I've learned it ties into being a chef in a lot of ways except you don't cook just plan meals

11. What surprised you about your career choice during your research

How much similar it is to being a chef and how they work in a lot places and it involves food except you don't cook just plan meals

12. now that your research is complete would you still choose the same career

No I would still rather go into the culinary business because it pays more and you don't have to worry about planning meals
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