Happy 2016!

I have so much to tell you!

Lot's of Exciting News!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and the new year is treating you well.

The dust of the holidays and the new year is finally settling around here and I am getting back into the swing of things. We had such a blessed holiday and jam-packed new year that it has taken me a couple of weeks to climb out from under all of the holiday wreckage. Add in our brand new puppy and the kids' birthdays and you have one tired mama.

I have finally managed to clean up the house, tame the little puppy; well a just a bit, and carve out some time to reflect on what the new year means to me and what I want for myself, for my family and for my business this 2016.

I am so excited to share lot's of news that I have in store this shiny new year.

#1 We are finally coming to C A N A D A!

This has been a long awaited opportunity not only for our Canadian friends interested in shopping with KEEP, but also for those interested in changing their lives for the better and starting their very on KEEP Collective business for themselves. If you know anyone that would be interested please ping me and I would love to reach out to them.

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#2 We are having an amazing New Year sign-up bonus, never been offered before.

If you have ever thought about signing-up, now is the time. When you sign-up before January 31st, you will not only get $500 worth of merchandise for $149, a sweet designer discount off additional merchandise (50%) but an additional $50 worth of F R E E product of your choice.

I have to be honest, I am quite jealous and wish this was available when I signed-up. With our spring line and new product being offered, this is an amazing time to cash in on some amazing free product.

I understand signing-up for something new is scary, but if you have ever thought you even wanted to buy anymore product from me, I would recommend you do this instead. I hate to lose your business as my personal customer, but I have to be honest and say it will benefit you more and save you more money in the long run this way. If you have any questions at all, ping me and I would love to discuss details or worries with you. So cool!

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Lastly and most exciting...


The new spring line is launching this month, January 21st! I have already been able to see it and order what I wanted a head of time (for free I might add, another amazing designer perk) and I cannot wait for you to see it. (below are a few sneak peeks)

It's edgy, yet sweet and centered around sharing with the world what is most important to you. Plus it has things for the men and furry babies in our lives.

I am currently booking for debut hostesses who want to jump on the chance to get all the new looks for F R E E, not cost to you when you choose to host online or off. Ping me for details, I would love to chat with you about it!

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Sue Robinson

baker, KEEP stylist, blogger, and genuine daydreamer...
Thank you so much for your time, I know this was wordy! Again, I hope the year is treating you well and I look forward to connecting with you.