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How a tornado happens

  • A tornado needs three different types of air in a particular order. Near the ground it is warm with south winds. In the upper atmosphere there is colder air and west winds. Because air is less dense at the bottom air will start to rise this is called instability.
  • The second part is changing wind speed with height this is called the wind shear and causes rotation.
  • Last thing you need is a layer of hot, dry air in between the cold this s makes it take its . It pushes up and makes strong updrafts making it roatate thus a tornado.

What to do


•listen to NOAA weather radio or news always listen to emergency officals

•look for a dark greenish sky, large hail and a funnel cloud

•listen to a loud roar like a freight train

•any danger sign seek shelter


•go to a pre-designated shelter like a basement or storm called

•go to a small interior room or hallway away from any windows

•if in a car keep your seat belt on and stay low


•check for injuries and do not move any one injured

•wear sturdy shoes, long sleeve and pants

•if trapped attract attention to your location

•watch for power lines and don't enter damaged buildings

•continue to listen to radio or television for emergency info

What is the impact on humans? The environment?


Depends on size of the tornado F1 to F5. F2 and up cause the most property damage. Now that there are improved weather systems houses are built to withstand tornadoes . Flying debris is responsible for the most environmental damage . Winds pick up and carry dirt and dust from farming lands and leave them else were.


Injuries occur mainly from flying debris. Many people die because of improper shelter and being trapped in the aftermath. But because of advanced weather systems there are fourteen to sixteen minutes in advance.

Five Interesting facts

•rarely occur anywhere besides the Midwest

•Fujita is the scale used based on damage to rate the tornado

•Fujita was named after Dr. T Theodore Fujita who created it

•Missouri usually gets 15 tornadoes per year

• water spouts are a tornado that formed over water and usually looks like a cyclone of fog

Jobs related to tonadoes

Those crazy people who chase tornadoes are really not as dumb as you think. They are the ones who created advanced warning systems and the Fujita scale. Their job starts way before the tornado touches ground. They have to predict if the weather Is severe enough to form a tornado then guess were its going to touch down. They use lots of high tech equipment such as Doppler radar and mobile mesonets. They even created project vortex to learn more about tornados to help keep storm chasers safe.

Where do tornadoes occur?

Usually tornadoes occur where polar and tropical winds meet creating huge super cell storms. The U.S. on average gets 80 to 100 tornadoes a year. This mainly occurs in the Midwest section of the united states.
5/20/13 Moore, OK EF-5 Tornado

Six Worst Tonadoes in U.S. History



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