How Full Is Your Bucket?

By: Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton Ph. D.

Summary of How Full Is Your Bucket?

This book talks about the positive and negative affects you have on people and an invisible bucket everyone has and the biggest statement that the book relayed is that if you full someone else's bucket with positive energy, words and praise, it fills yours. The authors vision and recommended actions, as well as reading examples in the book really hit home. I was able to realize that by speaking in negative terms about things in life, whether that pertained to me, someone else, or life, really dipped from my own bucket of positivity.
What is Positive Psychology?

In My Classroom

In my Second grade classroom I read the kid version of this book to my students and their reactions were actually surprising, they loved it! I gave every kid a sticky note with someones name on it after we read the book and told them to write something nice on it and give it to them and they all did but they started getting so excited about it some student started asking if they could write more to other people. some of the students even said it felt good to get a compliment because they hadn't had one in a while. So after reading that book we would ask the kids are you filling someones bucket or are you dipping in someones bucket and it seemed to really stick with the kids a lot.

How it effected me

This book effected me in understanding how everyone is different and could be acting a way for a certain reason but you never know how full their invisible bucket is so its best to always be positive and nice to one another even if that person might not deserve it because you fill your bucket every time you fill someone else's.