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Preparring for week 5

Week 5

We will NOT be having PJ day this week due to class picture retakes.

Make up Pictures
Make up pictures will be this week. Please bring cash or checks to pay for pictures
Please take note that the following classes will be taking class pictures to try and get one with every class member.

Pizza sign-up
We will have the pizza sign up sheet out this week, our first pizza party is next week!
Please bring cash to pay for your pizza THIS week. Pizza is $1/slice. All profits go to help keep nursery costs down.

Pumpkin Patch-
This sign up sheet will be at the front table this week. The cost of this is $7/person three and older, including parents. Please bring cash for this, there is an envelope attached to the sign up sheet for money.

Blob Mapping the world - these videos are wonderful!

Blobbing - Geography (Step 1)
Blobbing - Geography (Step 2)
Blobbing - Geography (Step 3)
Blobbing - Geography (Step 4)
How to draw a blob map of the world CC

Upcoming Week - Week 5

Family of the week (presentation)- Mullin/Cooper


Turner- Parking Lot

Stricklin- Grass area


9:00 - 10:30 - Wissel

10:30 - 12:00 - Conrad

Student Presentations


Younger students: show and tell: Favorite piece of Art - Identify or try and duplicate it by using that 5 basic shapes of drawing

Older students: Art presentation - prepare an art project that uses the 5 basic shapes of drawing

Skill to work on: Volume- speak with proper loudness so your audience can hear you.

(more details on the presentation schedule handout)

Helpful Week 5 Videos

Cycle 2, Grammar, Weeks 1-24
Timeline Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Ed 4 with Song part 1
Cycle 2 Week 5 - European Cities
Cycle 2, Science, Weeks 5-6
The Skip Counting by 9 Song | Silly School Songs

Mark Your Calendar

  • Sept 27th - Picture Make-up Day
  • Oct 4th - Pizza Day
  • Oct 11th- Break!!
  • Oct. 13th at 9:00 - Faulkner Pumpkin Patch Field Trip