A fashion designer

Biba's start

Biba's early years were rather humble, with many of the outfits being cheap and available to the public by mail order. Biba’s postal boutique had its first significant success in May 1964 when it offered a pink gingham dress to readers of the Daily Mirror. The dress had celebrity appeal, as a similar dress had been worn by Brigitte Bardot. By the morning after the dress was advertised in the Daily Mirror, it had received over 4,000 orders. Ultimately, some 17,000 outfits were sold.

Going through her life

Biba had a bad start in her life until that May in 1964. I bet she was so pleased with himself and what she had designed at this point many had heard of her as he received 4,000 orders in one night but then overall she sold 17,000 of his dresses!!

Biba and some of her designs