Beyond Courage

by Doreen Rappaport

What is this book and why is it good?

If you like Holocaust stories opposed to just facts, then this book is not really for you. If you like just facts no stories, then you might like this book. However, if you like both facts and stories, then Beyond Courage is the book for you. This book has everything from facts about concentration camps, ghettos, the Final Solution, even records of who died in camps and elsewhere.

Along with all the great facts about important things are stories of people who lived or died through the Holocaust. Sometimes you have famous Holocaust stories such as Anne Frank, then you have stories of normal people in the ghettos or camps. These stories really give you an inside on what would happen if you were Jewish, gypsy, etc. That is why this book is great for facts, and life during Hitler's reign of terror.

Some important things to know.

There is a lot to learn in this book. Some important things I learned from reading was that at camps there was a check in where if you looked physically healthy then you were sent to work, but if you were unfortunate to not look healthy, then you were sent straight to death, whether it would be by firing squad or gas chambers. Another very important thing I learned was the controversy of Hitler's suicide. What my book says was that Hitler made himself and his wife drink poison to die, however after Hitler drank the poison, he shot himself in the head while his wife suffered from the poison. Before I read the book there was a very important question I had, where did the Jewish corpses go after they were killed off? Well this book answered in two ways. One was that they were cremated or burned, but the one that I found most interesting was that at some camps they would force Jews to dig a giant hole where they would bury thousands of dead Jews at camps.

Why would you enjoy this book and who would enjoy this?

The people I think that would enjoy this book as said before were people who enjoy real facts and want to learns something, and also like to hear what it would be like to be these people threw stories.

Rating and Genre

My rating was would be a four star because it was a very good book however some stories confused me. The genre was non-fiction.