Itunes VS Google Play

By William Barnes


From what I've heard, its emphasis is on games/apps and music. They're also relatively cheap in cost. iTunes has over one million apps in its store as of October 22, 2013.

Google Play

From what I've heard, I would say it's about the same as iTunes. I can't really compare the prices to iTunes but I'm assuming they are about the same. Google Play has about 700,000 apps as of October of 2013.

Layout Comparisons


The layout is pretty straight forward. You can find everything you're looking for at a glance. Although, it isn't too colorful, comparatively to Google Play, of course.

Google Play

Same thing with iTunes, but with a lot more colors. It's a bit more attractive in my opinion.

Other Stuff


I would say they are equally accessible, in terms of easiness anyways. Getting into them aren't that difficult. If you're on PC, just type in the URL or just go into a search engine and find it. For mobiles, I think all that you need to do is tap (or click, if you want to say it that way) on the icon.

App Availability

I would assume there are certain apps on certain stores, but at least the most popular apps, like Twitter and YouTube, are on both. For example, Infinity Blade (as a series, and please ignore the fact that it's a game, and not an app) is exclusive (or only available) on iTunes. For Google Play, Experiment 13 is an exclusive.

App Count/Pricing

As stated above, iTunes has over a million apps on their store and Google Play has over 700,000 apps on their store. As of October last year, iTunes had more that Google Play (I pulled the numbers from Wikipedia). Since I have to put an opinion of each stores apps, I'll say that, as far as I know, they are about the same.

The pricing:

Google Play has a higher average price than iTunes. Google Play averages around $2.79 while iTunes averages around $0.99, and that gives iTunes a huge advantage. Even though Google Play has higher pricing, iTunes still pulls in around 5 times more than Google Play, making about $5 million every day.

The app quality:

They're about the same when you compare X app on iOS and Android. The only thing comparable at this point in the difference between X app and Y app. Other than that, the apps are the same.

Approval Process for Apps

They both seem relatively the same (assuming that since I needed a log in for Apples website to look at stuff, which I don't want to create). The yearly fee for a license to publish an app might be different.