Mrs. Mitchell's First Grade Class

Week of January 25-29, 2016

What Have We Been Doing?

  • Mathematics: A new unit! This unit continues the practice with 10-groups. Students apply this knowledge to the real world by learning about money. For example, if we add 8 cents and 5 cents, students would solve the addition equation on paper, 8 +5 = 13, then draw a circle with a ten in it to represent a dime and draw 3 circles with 1 in the middle to represent 3 pennies. If we were using the play money, the students would show me one dime and 3 pennies.
  • Science: We started a chemical engineering unit. Initially, we are learning about what technology is and what an engineer might do. In addition, we discussed what a process was, drawing and writing the process of "making a hamburger."
  • Social Studies: I'm excited about our new unit! We will be exploring location words (in front of, for example), maps and the beginnings of what geography is and how it impacts our lives.
  • Literacy: This week we tackle the very tricky words that have the /qu/ sound, as in queen and the /wh/ sound, as in whale.

Art Day!

Using Clay to Make Pinch Pots

If I might ask.....

The classroom could really use some more black magic markers! We use them almost daily and sometimes twice a day! They are ideal for individual work on small whiteboards for practicing spelling words and reinforcing math concepts. If a pack of 4 would work into your budget, that would be so appreciated, but even one extra would help, too! Thank you!