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  • Fresh water biome
  • Freshwater vs. Saltwater
  • Geography
  • vegetation
  • Animals
  • Fresh water biome locations (map)
  • Glossary
  • Human Influences

What is Freshwater Biome ?

Freshwater biome is made up of any of body of water that is made of freshwater such as lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers. They cover about 20% of the Earth and is spread out all over the world. Most freshwater biomes consist of moving water and contain many types of fish.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater

The main difference between salt water andfresh water is the salinity content. Both contain salt or sodium chloride, but fresh water contains only small amounts of salt. The earth's oceans and seas are saltwaterecosystems, while lakes, rivers, streams, marshes and ponds are freshwaterecosystems.

Freshwater Biomes

Freshwater Biome Locations

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Human influences

The human impacts of freshwater biomes are immense for example if global warming continues lake Michigan will continue to lose water and as a result the heat of lake Michigan increase and the circulation of oxygen will slow which will kill off everything in the lake. This also increase the amount of pollution in the water.