Course Update for October 22nd

Information about your GaVS English Course

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A TREAT for EVERYONE: Some assignments on your schedule are now OPTIONAL!

Hello Everyone!

The following assignments on the schedule are optional. We have covered these standards, so in order for you to focus more on doing well on the essay, some of the assignments are now optional. You can still complete these assignments if you would like, but they are not required:

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The Writing Chats

Remember that all students are responsible for viewing the Chat Recordings if you cannot attend live. Several essay grades are low because students have not used the tools provided to write a developed essay. Writing is necessary for both college and career, so essays will be taken very seriously in this course. If you have questions about the chats, please email me.

All recordings can be found on your Course Homepage under "User Links"

Extra Learning Opportunities

All Extra Learning Opportunities for extra points will be announced via News Item or in the Adobe Chats at some point. Students should be checking News Items daily and listening to the recordings, so they will have knowledge of any ELO's for the course.

Grades Have Been Posted!

Parents and Students--grades have been posted. Remember that we encourage parents to log in to the student portal to see the most up-to-date grades. The following video below will show you how to check grades:

Don't forget about Adobe...

Remember that our Adobe Sessions are where you can get "in-person" help from me. I will be going over writing A LOT because writing is SUPER important for college and career readiness. Check out last week's chat if you missed it--the recording is posted under your "News Items"!

Checking Quiz Feedback

Try to always check quiz feedback to see where you might have missed a question. The following video was posted under the "News Items", but you can also view it here in order to see how to check feedback:
Checking Quiz Feedback

MLA Format

Remember to include your MLA heading on all essays! Points for not doing this and not saving your files correctly will start being deducted. We must practice this heading! Check out the video below if you are struggling with MLA:
Setting your Essay to MLA Format in Word

A few more reminders:

1. Please make sure you are submitting the correct file types, so I can open all files

2. Please make sure you listen to all Adobe recordings if you cannot make the chats

3. Please make sure you understand how important writing is and how important it is that you are attending or listening to the chats--I hold everyone to a very high standard regarding writing

4. Please ALWAYS ask questions!!

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