August 2019

We did it! Happy first week of school!

Principal's Message

We are so excited to see so many new and familiar faces here at the ECC. The start of the school year was a huge success! Students and families are beginning to learn the routines of our building, our staff is working out a few minor hiccups (vans, codes, and schedules), and everyone is coming together as a community. Please read below for important reminders and information.

Happy New Year!



  • We are a nut-free facility (please see approved snack list below).
  • Please drive slowly in the parking lot. We are a very busy program with many little ones entering and exiting the building.
  • For those parents who access van transportation (special education), please be sure car seats are free from debris, clean, and weigh under 40 lbs. If your child has met the height/weight requirements, please consider using a booster seat.
  • Please return emergency information forms as soon as possible.


9/2 - No school

9/12 - 6:00PM - Friends of ECC (PTO) meeting in the principal's office

9/20 - ECC's First Ever (Sensory Friendly) Dance Party! - more information coming up!

9/26 - Half Day - no afternoon preschool (Professional Development)

10/15 - 6:00PM - Know Your School Night

WRSD Approved Snack List

Safe Snack List

*Ingredients and manufacturing practices and plants for packaged foods may change. It is important to read the label each time you purchase a product.

*This is a list of some popular snacks for kids that typically do not contain peanuts or nuts.


  • Fresh fruit – any kind

  • Packaged fruit such as Dole Fruit Bowls or Del Monte Fruit Bowls

  • Applesauce

  • Raisins (plain, not yogurt covered)

  • Craisins

  • Apricots

  • Other dried fruits—just read the labels. Some dried fruits are manufactured on lines with nuts.


Fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, etc.)

  • for ages 4 and up and /or competent with this food texture


There are cookies and crackers that are not manufactured with peanuts or nuts. Reading the label will let you know what is in the product. Typically, the following items do not contain peanuts or nuts, but again manufacturing practices and ingredients can change. Crackers, cookies, and chips are one of the areas where cross-contamination may occur in production.

  • Saltines

  • Graham crackers

  • Teddy Grahams (but not the snack mix Teddy Grahams, which contains peanuts)

  • Oreo cookies (most of them, obviously not the peanut butter, check the label)

  • Smartfood Popcorn (just the regular white cheese, not the new cluster varieties)

  • Frito Lay has many varieties of chips that are not produced with nuts. Their website provides a list of products that DO contain nuts and should be avoided. Again, packaging information should be clear for these products.

  • Pretzels (check the label as some are unsafe especially Snyder’s brand and some of Frito Lay’s Rold Gold brands)

  • Goldfish –typically most varieties of the small goldfish. The larger sandwich type are not safe according to a representative at Pepperidge Farms (For Pepperidge Farm products, you have to read the label carefully because they never use the “may contain” or “contains” statement)

  • Austin animal crackers (but not all brands of animal crackers)

  • Many of Ian’s snack mixes


Check the labels


Slices of cheese or cubed cheese

String cheese

Pudding cups

Cottage cheese




Lunch meats

Pop Tarts

Fruit snacks/fruit roll ups

Hostess cupcakes and some Hostess donuts (not Hostess Twinkies—may contain peanuts)

Friends of the ECC

Please view the documents below to find more information from our PTO.