Religions by:Andrea

Andrea Contreras

Social Studies



Culture around the world can be very different . The many culture reflect variety of geography, changes, languages, conflict, religions and culture government. Religions greatly the culture of a religion. The middle East is shaped by religions.

The Middle East is influenced throughout history by its religions. In ancient time,They had many gods. As a result they built ziggurats to honor the gods. Further more, the 3 Religions of Egypt is Judaism, Christianity and Islam influenced its. Culture for example: Judaism, Christianity and Islam it's that Religions of Egypt.

In modern time, the middle East shows a unique culture influenced by its Religions. As a result, woman have to wear a cap because they were married. The woman that are not married they can wear different colors and show the face and the hear.

Religions shapes the culture of the Middle East. Culture very in language, geography, religion, conflict and government. In the wold, there are great differences in cultures.