Input and Output



  • It's an output device
  • Advantage; It converts text on paper or even a drawing and transfers it to the computer easily.
  • Disadvantage; Images can lose quality once scanned.

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Touch screen

  • This is an input device.
  • Advantage; You don't need a keyboard or mouse for it.
  • Disadvantage; it will be inconvenient to type long messages on.
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Interactive White board

  • It's an input device
  • Advantages; It is useful for in the classroom to make learning more interactive,by having students use the whiteboard.
  • Disadvantages; The pen is easy to lose and if your projector if faulty (i.e tilted,or broken) Then the board may not work well.
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Motion Sensor.

  • It is an input device.
  • Advantages; Eliminates the use of door handles (and makes you feel like you have the force)
  • Disadvantages; if it doesn't work you may walk into a door

OMR Reader

  • This is an input device.
  • Advantages; Speeds up marking process of tests.
  • Disadvantages; It is easy to mess up the data.
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OCR reader

  • This is an input device.
  • Advantages; The optical character reader and easily scan passports.
  • Disadvantages; OCR cannot convert text or data accurately, or at all sometimes
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Graphics tablet

  • This is an input device.
  • Advantages;It makes drawing on an laptop easier and smoother.
  • Disadvantages;They can break easily and are very expensive and high maintenance.
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