Hubenak Choir News

March 4, 2014

Attendance Matters

The first 10 minutes of choir are SO important. We are not just warming up to save our voices from harm, but we are learning to sing with one unified voice and working on skills needed to be successful in our music.

Many students are coming in later and later as the semester progresses. This can impact your child's ability to participate in our upcoming field trips. Please remember that there is a 15 minute window for drop off to be considered "on time". 6:50-7:05am. This is very generous!

Some students are arriving so late (closer to 7:14) they are almost absent. They have missed warm ups AND rehearsal of one song.

Please monitor your child's attendance on the website or by clicking here. The consequences for tardies and absences are listed at the top of the website. As stated in the registration documents, it is up to you, the parent, to monitor attendance and tardies. I am not always able to give more than a verbal warning to the child.

Upcoming Dates

  • March 28 - Blinn Music Meet Contest (permission slips coming home after spring break)
  • April 24 - Spring Concert, 6:30pm
  • April 26 - Kemah trip and concert (permission slips and order forms going home in early April)

Boo to Facebook!!!!

Facebook likes to decide what will and will not show up in your news feed. Unfortunately, if you are not actively "liking" everything that the choir posts, my posts (important reminders) will not show up in your feed. One other way to get around this is to go to the Hubenak Choir Facebook page on your computer, pull down the "liked" tab, and click on "get notifications".

Or...follow me on twitter @HubenakChoir, or sign up for texts. Send a text to (206) 745-4441 with the message @huben

Sweet Val-o-gram Success!!!

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