All about Mexico City !

The oldest city of the Americas.

Fun Facts about Mexico's capital.

- Founded in 1325, Mexico City, formally known as Tenochtitlan, is the oldest city of the Americas.

- Mexico City is the 2nd most populated city in the world with more than 20 million people.

- The city is 2.2 kilometers above sea level. You may experience hard breathing when you first land in Mexico City but, it only last for a little while.

- The city has more than 150 museums! The most in the world!

- The city also the largest amount of palaces in North America.

- Mexico City has the largest bull ring of the world, which hosts concerts and motorcross events.

- Almost 13 million people visited Mexico City in 2013: 10.3 million national tourists and 2.4 million international ones

- There are at least eight important archeological zones in Mexico City and surroundings: Cuicuilco, Santa Cruz Acalpixca (in Xochimilco), Templo Mayor (in Zocalo), Tlatelolco, Santa Cecilia, Tenayuca, Teotihuacan and Acozac