Where can you find beauty around you?

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt for Beauty!

Monday, March 10th, 8am to Friday, March 14th, 11pm

Wherever You Are!

Beautiful things bring us JOY! This Spring Break, discover where you can find beauty and capture your beautiful things! You can do this with pictures, through art, technology, however creative you can be!

Some Ideas

Well, that's up to you! Nature, People, Books, Music, Food, Indoor areas....the possibilities for discovering what you consider beautiful things are endless!

Some think video games are beautiful things. Could you write a "how to" and share the steps to success (and your struggles!) on your favorite game?

Some think food is a beautiful thing! Could you cook up a dish (with parent guidance) and share the recipe with us?

Some think poetry or music is a beautiful thing. Could you create a movie, setting poetry to music... a beauty soundtrack?

Some think nature is beautiful. Could you snap some pictures or put together a "Nature's Beauty" scrapbook? Instagram? What about a collection of items in a jar?

Some think people they love are where beauty lies. Could you write about these people, and include pictures?

Some think books are a beautiful thing. Could you create a collage, on paper or technology, that showcases your favorite books?

I recently created a painting called, "Fables and Fairy Tales" where I did something similar, using pictures and quotes from some of my favorites. I had a blast and it's a beautiful thing ! Does something like that inspire you?

Taking time to find beauty helps refresh and re-energize us. This Spring Break, let's find some beautiful things, and share them with each other when we return!

Blogging Our Beautiful Things

You can use our blog (link below) tell us about the beautiful things you are finding, and brainstorm ideas to collect and share them with others! I would love to share the adventure with you!