Weekend Update

4/9 - 4/10

Overdue Work

Next week we will begin Lesson 12 and (if you have not already) start work on your Final Project. If you have overdue work from lessons 9 - 11, these need to be handled this weekend. Don't fall too far behind so you end up in overwhelm city! Carve out the time this weekend and do things step by step to stay in manageable-ville. :)

If you need help, contact me or make an appointment with a Peer Tutor. We're here to help you succeed!

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Review - Making Plans

Here's some good phrases to use when making plans with others. Please note how the particles are used in the sentences below.

どようびにひまですか。= On Sunday are you free? Use the particle に after どようび to say "On Sunday" ひま = free

ばんごはんにラメンをたべませんか。= For dinner, won't you eat ramen? Use the ませんか ending to be more formal and polite.

ごじはんにえいがにいきましょうか。= At 5:30, shall we go to the movies? The ましょうか ending is used for people you know well.

きんようびにコーヒーをのみましょう。= On Friday, let's drink coffee. The ましょう ending is a way to say "let's" and is very informal/causal.

Listen to Tanaka san say these lines in the recording below to help you level up your pronunciation.

Keeping Up with Linguafolio

Linguafolio is a fun and easy way to monitor your progress with Japanese and boost your grade at the same time. It's done entirely in English and there are no right or wrong answers to the questions.

Remember that you will need to submit your *entire* Linguafolio as part of your final project at the end of the course. Keep up with Linguafolio so you don't have to do all of this is a hurry at the last minute.

If you need to do any of your prior Linguafolio assignments from before, please plan to submit these over the weekend. I can answer any questions you may have on these assignments.

Planning Ahead

Sending a shout out to Hannah G. for planning ahead and contacting me about an upcoming field trip that will keep her away from the internet for a few days. Thanks for planning ahead and keeping me in the loop Hannah! Nyan Cat is proud of you. :)