Motown Music


Smokey Robinson

Born February 19,1940 Detroit, Michigan.Robinson started out singing in local groups.Early 1950's, Robinson formed a group called Matadors,later they became the famous group called Miracles.Smokey worked behind the scenes, composing and producing for The Miracles. Also, other artists such as Mary Wells and The Temptations. Robinson's work contributed to the success of Motown Music.He gone solo in 1972, creating a more mellow sound for himself. In the mid-1980's Smokey was battling a drug addiction. He was open about his cocaine problem.He won his first Grammy in 1987. Won the award for best R n B vocal performance.

Diana Ross

Born March 26,1944 in Detroit, Michigan.She's the second out of the six children from Fred and Ernestine Ross. At 14, she tried out for a part in the school play but was turned down.That sadness didn't last long because the Primettes, a girls' vocal group that included Florence Ballard (1939-1976) and Mary Willson (1944-).The girls wanted Diana to be part of the group and that's what she did. They met a producer Berry Gordy (1929-). Berry instructed Ross and her friends to finish high school and they did in 1962. The Permettes signed a contract with Motown. Ballard choose a name to call the girls. He choose to call them the Supremes. Because of Ross's ambition and talent she became the lead singer. Later Diana started her solo career.

The Commodores

The Commodores established as a club band specializing in funk instruments. 1972, the band's manager Bernie Ashburn, secured a support slot on an American Tour with the Jackson 5. They toured with Jackson 5 for 3 years. Then they supported the Rolling Stones on their 1975 US tour.After, Lionel Richie sang 'Endless Love" with Diana Ross, he decided to leave the band for a solo career in 1983. The remaining Comodores were overshadowed by the move. In 1984, Thomas McClary also launched a solo career for Motown. The Commodores now reduced to a trio consisting of Orange, King, and Nicholas, continue to preform to loyal fans. They manage their own Commodores Record label.
Ray Chew Remembers Motown in the '60s

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