I can't keep my own secrets


I Can't Keep My Own Secrets

Edited by Smith Magazine

Published by Smith magazine 2009

ISBN: 978-0-06-172684-2

Genre: Memoir


My favorite quote would be , I fell down, got up, kept dreaming. This quote inspires me to know that if something is hard just keep trying and never give up. When someone tells you you can't do something or your too little use that as motivation to push yourself harder. I believe that anybody can do anything or be anything they want if they really believe in themselves and don't listen to other people's negativity. Me and others can relate to this quote because of how people doubt them for things they can't do either or even jealous.

This books format is different form other books because each page has different 6 word memoirs about somebodys life and the details of each one mean something different and unique. Not only does it tell about someones life but six words could mean as much as 100 words. Each story of someones life has a different characteristic because some people have it hard and others have it good and they can also have humor to them.

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Just keep dreaming, it's coming soon. The reason I choose this is because when I keep pushing my goal then it will eventually be achieved. This is meaningful because it shows that anybody can do anything if they try no matter how many times they fail you will still be trying. Some things in the book I can connect to because they all have different stories and you canhave the same as someone else or either tell yours.

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