Tobacco/Smoke and there Dangers

By Mason Jackson


In this article, you learn about tobacco/smoke and its dangers.

Physical Consequences

There are A LOT of physical side effects of smoking. They can not only effect you in a negative way, but also the people around you. It can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. They can also make your lungs black. They can also cause SIDS which is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which is the sudden unexplained and unexpected death of an infants under the age of 1. It can also cause pneumonia.
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Social Consequences

There aren't just physical consequences with tobacco. There are also social consequences. You might have as many friends because not all people are okay with being friends with a smoker. You won't be able to go into some places while smoking. Might not be able to spend as much time with your family because even when your not smoking you could still endanger your family. You also might persuade other people to join in.

Mental/Emotional Effects

Smoking also effects your brain too. It makes you feel angry and do things you don't want to do. You also feel like your invincible and that's how some drug overdose deaths happen.