The Talking Drum

Some of the oldest instruments used by West African griots!


These percussion instruments were some of the oldest utilized by West African griots. In fact, their use can be traced as far back as the Ghana Empire. There are numerous words words for this instrument in various languages. A highly advanced genre of griot music which centered around the talking drum was created by the Hausa people. Furthermore, countless variations of the drum have been made throughout history, by many different cultures.

Cultural Impact

The talking drum is used primarily for the purpose of communicating. It's pitch can be made to copy, or mimic, the tone and prosody of human speech. This provided villagers with a very useful and important form of communication. West African villages were able to send detailed messages between one another much more rapidly than any other method at the time. In addition, the drum was played during religious rituals and could be utilized in order to bring people together and resolve arguments among villagers.
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Talking Drum and other West african music

As mentioned above, the primary use of the talking drum is communication. It is used in other situations, but it is mostly utilized as a way to spread messages across distances. Compared to other West African music, this is a unique purpose. Music in West Africa is oftentimes used for the purpose of entertainment, as is the case in many countries and cultures. It is also used in ceremonies and rituals, such as weddings and funerals. Music from West Africa was commonly used as work songs too, in order to help motivate people to get their jobs done.

the griot and the talking drum

The griot's job was to orally record, preserve, and share their community's history and culture with others. They used the talking drum as a memory device to aid in remembering important events and people. The drums were vital in helping them accomplish their job in the community.


This drum has an hourglass shape, and has a conical or tubular construction. There are various sizes as the dimensions of the drum change with varying ethnic groups. However, even though there are numerous different sizes and dimensions, all of the drums follow the same basic template.

compared with modern technology

With the invention of cellphones and computers, the talking drum has become less of a staple in communicating. However, it is still used in West Africa to this day. It's use is more ceremonial and entertaining now, but it has not stopped being an important piece of culture. The talking drum has even been used in some modern songs.
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