Powerful Poetry

By: Abri


Poetry has been around for a long time. But how much do you actually know about it? Poetry is all about amazing feelings, thoughts, and so on. One poem could be all about rhyme and the flow. Another so funny you might cry. So while you read this, make sure your mind isn't accidentally blown.


I bet you have seen acrostic poems many times before, and you might be wondering, why I picked it. But I choose this poetry type because since you see it so often you might take it for granted. The poem below is one I made on a website where you can do that. It is about an idea. The "I" is imagine, the "D" is delicate, the "E" energizing, and the "A" is amazing.

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Invented poetry types

Many kinds of poetry are made by normal people too:

  • The Blitz poem - a stream of short phrases with rapid flow.
  • The Brevette - starts with a noun, then verb, then noun again.
  • The HexSonneta - contains two to six lined stanzas with a rhyming couplet at the end. *A rhyming couplet is an ending that ties the poem all together; it might solve the problem.
  • Essence or Florette - has a short form of two lines with six syllables in each with a rhyme at the end. (To find out more about invented poetry type in the link bellow.)
Speaking of invented poetry I wrote some of my own.
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Other poems

Some other poems that might interest you...

  • Epic - other than the story itself there is no structure.
  • Shape poem - is in the shape of what your writing about.(Ex. your writing about a bird so that is the shape of the poem.)
  • Limerick - a funny poem that could also be utter nonsense.
  • Anagram - a word in the poem is spelled a different way somewhere else in the poem.(Ex. pages,gapes.)

Making your own poem

Don't want to do these poems? You can make your own! Have a look:

  1. Make a list of what you have done today all in order.
  2. Write 3 colors.
  3. Write a dream.
  4. Write down something that happend to you when you were smaller in child "language".
  5. Write a forbidden thought to someone who would understand.
  6. Write a forbidden thought to someone who wouldn't.
  7. Choose a favorite transitional object and describe it.
  8. If you died; what would your last 3 questions be? Write it down.
  9. Copy 3 things that people have said to you in the last 48 hours. (Quote as closely as possible.)
  10. Write down your most extreme pain (emotionally or physically)
Mash it it all together to make an original poem by you.
Below there is a (somewhat) shape poem:

(Real shape poems though, have more structure and has more "story" to it)

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boom.mind blown.