The Importance of Family Mealtime

Why you should eat as a family

Benefits of Eating as a Family

Gain Conversation Skills

  • Eating together provides the opportunity to talk with each other
  • Teach the children how to listen and engage in conversations
  • Give them a chance to share their opinions
  • Expands their vocabulary

Nutritional Benefits

  • Increases healthy eating habits while cooking together
  • Families drink less pops and eat less fried and junk food
  • Increases the intake of fruits and vegetables

Table Manners

  • Learn from your parents the right way to eat
  • Gives you practice before eating in public

Importance of Eating as a Family

  • Make memories with your family
  • Spend time together even when there is a busy schedule
  • You have crucial conversations
  • Learn about family traditions and cultures
  • Make a routine
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Strategies to Eating as a Family

  • Plan ahead for the time
  • Prepare the meal as a family
  • Serve a variety of different foods
  • Keep calm and friendly
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