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Stopher Newsletter, August 20th

Message from our Interim Principal

Hi Families!!!

I’d like to take a few moments to brag on your kids. Now, I’m from the country and something you might hear where I’m from is, “That kid’s got good raisin’!” I must, must shout that out about our Stopher students! With my boys now 23 and 20 years old, my role with them has transitioned to more of a mentor and guide, but as they grew up, one of my priorities was that they be young men of character. I was not so worried about how athletic, how high achieving, or how popular they might be. I wanted my boys to be hard workers and good humans – the rest would fall in place gradually. As I have interacted with your children over the past days, I see evidence time and again of the wonderful character they have. I see students interacting with each other in positive and supportive ways, working to be respectful to adults and peers, and understanding the value of working hard at school. Parents, this does not happen by accident or by instinct. During the elementary school years, you are the biggest influence on their character and who they become. Spoiler alert – when they go to middle school at some point, a good amount of your influence will be replaced by their peers. That’s why their time at Stopher is such a critical time. You are giving your children the building blocks for success in life and I must say – WELL DONE! I thank you, our staff thanks you, and some day (not in their teens!), your kids will thank you!

Next Friday (August 27) will be my last day with you for a while. I am so sad! I have responsibilities at a local university and must devote time supporting new teachers in our area. A good friend of mine, Maria Holmes, will be supporting our wonderful school afterwards and I hope to be able to come back from time to time – I love this school! I’ll spend time later in the week explaining to the students what is going on, introducing Mrs. Holmes, and trying to celebrate the fact that “Dr. Hooper’s going to college!”. In the meantime, I’m going to cherish each moment with your students and this wonderful staff. As a principal, I learned a long time ago that my service was important in many ways as we worked to build the culture within the school, but much more important than I was who was sitting behind the teacher’s desk. Our Stopher kiddos are in great hands with this wonderful group of professionals and their fantastic families. I was so privileged to help get this school year started and I promise to work hard not to be a stranger!

Lunchroom Visits


The district has mandated that we not allow parents to eat lunch with students until further notice. This is because students have their masks down during lunch and they do not want to risk unnecessary additional exposure. We will update you once they lift this new policy. Thank you for you cooperation.

Stopher Spirit Wear ... Deadline to Order is August 28th.

Stopher Spirit Wear can now be purchased on-line. Orders must be placed by August 25th. Items will be sent home via student backpacks in early to mid September. Click below ....


COVID Quarantine Questions

For questions regarding quarantining due to COVID, please email Nurse Katie at

How Can You Help Speed Up the Car Rider Line

In order to keep the line moving quickly, please do the following:

  • Students should exit via the passenger side
  • Parents should not exit the vehicle
  • Students should have backpack and lunchbox in hand before the vehicle reaches the sidewalk.
  • Students should open their vehicle door and exit quickly. Please do not wait for a staff member to open the door for them.
  • Students can exit the vehicle anywhere along the sidewalk. Please do not wait until you get all the way to the door to let your child out.
  • Pull up as far as you are able to. If everyone does this, we can unload 8 cars at a time.
  • Students can put on their masks AFTER exiting the vehicle.
  • Exit the line as soon as it begins moving. Please do not stay to watch your child walk in.
  • Any notes/homework should be completed and signed prior to your vehicle arriving at the sidewalk.
  • If Ms. Teresa is dancing, just dance with her ... it keeps her happy!

Bus Updates

Morning buses are now on a pretty set schedule so we have stopped do updates in the morning. We will continue the afternoon updates for one more week as there are still a few that are struggling to find a routine. After next week, we will only notify you if buses are running EXTREMELY late.


September 6, 2021 ... Labor Day

September 29, 30 & October 1, 2021 ... Fall Break

Volunteer Opportunities at Stopher

Stopher has always had fantastic volunteer support from our parents. Click below to find out how you can become involved!

School Meal Menu

Students will be given items to choose from when receiving breakfast or lunch. You can view the menu for the month via the following links. It is important to note that, if the cafe' runs out of the item listed, they will substitute it with something else.

Breakfast for August

Lunch for August

Stopher PTA Membership Information

The PTA is a integral part of our school. See the attached form to find out how you can become involved!

2021-20222 Yearbook

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Dance Team Tryouts

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Students: Come be a part of an award-winning dance team! Tryouts will be held at Stopher on Wednesday, August 25, from 4-7 pm. Results will be announced immediately following tryouts. All participants must complete the Online Registration Form.

All dancers selected to be on the Stopher Dance Team will be responsible for attending weekly practices, competitions, school events, and the occasional basketball game. Parents will be responsible for fees associated to the team (more information will be distributed during the first parent meeting after tryouts).

If you have any questions, please email Katie Thomas (school sponsor) at

Movie Night At Eastern High School

The Eastern Eagles Cheerleaders are hosting a movie night on Saturday, August 21. See the attached for details.
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