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Informational Event

Tuesday, January 21st at 6:30pm

Come hear Gold Executive Lydia Abbott share about the botanical that is changing thousands of lives around the globe and the company that made it all possible!

Lydia Abbott is a Gospel singer who travels all over the world doing missions and singing about Christ. Prior to being introduced to Zija’s products she struggled with her health, especially while travelling, due to many parasites, bacteria, etc. picked up while abroad. She struggled a lot with migraines, back and joint pain and stomach issues. Since starting on Zija in September of 2012 she not only lost the 22 pounds she had tried to get off for years, but also got rid of ALL her health issues and has not had to take the 40-50 Advil every month that was killing her kidneys and liver! She has not experienced any major sickness, especially bad sore throats or laryngitis which was very common for her to have with her singing ministry. Because of the amazing changes she has seen in her life and many, many other friends and family, Lydia has developed a passion for sharing this “Miracle Tree” with others. Her #1 passion is serving Christ and helping others all over the world through her singing and teaching ministries. She shares the Moringa story and Zija products as she goes and continues to see lives changed!

The business opportunity that Zija offers has been a huge blessing for Lydia as well. The income she receives has enabled her to do more with her ministry and reach out to others in more ways than ever before! As Lydia says it: “When you have a product that is true and pure the business part works because people can see results with this product and get their products for free plus make an income for merely sharing with others. This has been a HUGE blessing! I just share Zija as I go because people see the results I’ve had! I hope you will try it too and experience my excitement! I feel so blessed that God brought these amazing products and this company into my life!”

Come join us and learn how you can make 2014 your best year yet! We will have free product samples for first time guests and also special deals on weight management kits, up to $75 off!

Event will be hosted by: Tyler Hollinger - 765-620-0679 & Renae Terborg – 937-336-4282. If you have any questions or need directions please give one of us a call

Zija Informational Event

Tuesday, Jan. 21st, 6:30-8:30pm

Daybreak Community Church, 1219 N Main St, Lapel, IN 46051

6:30 pm - Mixer

7:00 pm - Presentation

8:30 pm - Question & Answer