Hydrogen and Oxygen

emilee ashe

Once upon a time back in the 1900's some electrons wanted to find their best friends. They wanted someone they could hangout with and bond with (basically spending quality time together). Susie sodium has been lonely for years now and didn't want to feel lonely anymore. Her one friend wanted to do the same. He told her about this club you can go too and find your long lost best friend. Susie was very skeptical about going to the club, but excited at the same time. One tuesday night Susie headed out to the bonding to find your best friend club. Bonding is an attraction between atoms that allows the formation of chemical substances that contain two or more atoms. Susie is looking for an electron that is positive and happy. For the best friends to bond right each electron has to equal out to each other by eventually forming the correct bond. While looking around in the club susie sees a guy named colby chlorine. Colby chlorine was staring at susie, he looked very interested in her. Colby and susie started talking and hit it off very well. Colby has 18 electrons and 17 protons. For susie having a positive charge and colby having a negative charge, they could attract and form an ionic bond known as NaCl (sodium chloride). An ionic bond is when one atom is able to completely remove and electron from a second atom. Susie and colby were best friends forever after that. Susie went back home and told all her friends about this club! One friend wanted to go back and meet his bestfriend too. His name was magnesium Manny. Manny wants to lose two electrons, and give one to his best friend. That next friday night susie and manny headed out to the club determined to find manny bestfriend. It took him about five hours to find her, but carrie chloride (wants to gain one electron) came up and instantly hit it off with manny. Carrie gained an electron and manny lost two electrons just like they both wanted. Carrie and manny bonded into an ionic compound known as MgCl2. Susie and manny were very happy they finally have a best friend to bond with. No more being lonely. (: