Sir Francis Drake

By: Kennedy Mounce & Dakota Dutcher

Our Captain

Leading this fantastic voyage will be me, the ever amazing Sir Francis Drake. I am an experienced sea captain with 17 years of previous captainship, I hold a political standing, and have my own mode of transportation, The Judith. I have been assigned to this mighty expedition by Her Lady, Queen Elizabeth I.


We will be leaving for this expedition in six months, around 1577. We are hoping it will take around 4 years. We are hopeful for a return date of 1580. We will be leaving from England and traveling South to South America. We will be rounding the bottom tip and then traveling up the West Coast. On our way home we will be stopping in the Southwest corner of America and then traveling up the West coast of America. We will be going East around North America and then straightening out and heading back to England.
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Come With US!!

On our journey we are expecting to see many different cultures and aspects of life. We will be experiencing a wide range of different climates and living conditions, hopefully all will go as planned!