My New Friend

Madison Jones

The First Boy In The Family

Aiden Conner DeHart was born at CMC North East

when my new friend came

Saturday, March 21st 2009 at 6:30pm

920 Church St N

Concord, NC

Be there by 7:00AM it will be a good night of joy and new life

The day we meet Aiden

6:oo- Going to the hospital

6:30- My aunt gets checked into the room

7:00- She gets induced

9:00- sitiing in the waiting room

9:00-5:30 - Aiden is coming

6:30- Aiden Conner DeHart is here

We have a new baby

He was a miracle baby my aunt and uncle could not have children for the longest time but. But don’t all miracle come true well theres did on the day they both found out. It may have took five years but it came true. On March 21 2009 I made a new friend that would tern my life upside down and back around. We have had some tuff time with the little man,