Show Skiing

By: Madeline

Have you ever even heard of waterskiing? Personally, I think it's the best sport ever made! I am in a waterski sport called show skiing. There are so many acts in show skiing. A lot of hard work is put in to making a great show!
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Pyramids are me out of many acts in show skiing. They're one of of my favorite acts. In order to create a pyramid, you have to learn how to climb. It's not super easy to learn, but you get the hang of it after awhile. You climb on top of people. Pyramids go all the way up to 5 people high. Normally you only do a 4 high. 5 highs are very hard.

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Pre-built is a very NERVE RACKING act. It's pretty much like a pyramid but more challenging! They make special stands that you sit on. There are 3 boys sittings on the bottom, 2 girls sitting on the stand with their feet on the guys, and 1 girl on top of them. The boat slowly pulls away from the dock, then quickly speeds up! The pyramid gets pulled of the dock. In order to stay up, you have really good form. It's still really fun!
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Doubles & Trios

Doubles and trios are to different acts, but they are very similar. Let's start with doubles. Doubles is with 2 people. Normally with a girl and a boy. In doubles people have to learn to work together well. The boy has a strap around his waist so he can use his arms to lift the girl into different positions. Trios is a little different. The difference is it is with 3 people. 2 boys on bottom and 1 girl on top. They also lift her into different positions. As you can see, they are not that different!!!!

Swivel & Ballet Line

Swivel and ballet line are very similar. Let's start with Ballet Line! Ballet line is normally with about 15-20 people. It is only girls. They do a dance on the dock the get on the water on olly one ski. They do different tricks with their cool rope! Swivel is a single act. The girl does the same thing but her binding on the ski moves allowing her to turn around into different positions! It's very cool!


Tricks are simple different acts that you could try. They are in show skiing too! Some tricks are shoe ski's, airchair, wakeboard, trick ski's, and knee boarding! Tricks are an easy skill that you can learn! I'd say give it a try!!!
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This whole time you've proboly been wondering... How do we stay up for a while? We have a little friend called ropes! They each have different lengths depending on the act. Ropes have to be hand made. It takes a lot of work!
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Clothing and Flotation

What do we wear? Normally we wear a swim suit and heater pants and shirt. If it's cold we wear a a wet-suit or dry-suit on top. We also wear flotation. That are called flo-mo's. They hold your body up but you still have to swim a little. The boys have a life jacket built into their wet-suits. Everything we wear is very important.


On my team there are two awesome people who make costumes. It depends on the act and theme, but every year they whip up some amazing, beautiful costumes.
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Announcers are the wonderful people who bring the show together! Some years they are TV hosts, others they are a genie! They really have to interact with the crowd. Sometimes they have to learn different things that involve water! (They normally fail!) The're inter actor comes out on the dock/stage!
So now you know a lot about show skiing! Are you amazed? Waterskiing is a very fun sport! It gives you the opportunity to learn teamwork, corporation and you have lots of fun! If you get the chance to learn how, try!!!