Black Diamonds Union Newsletter

February 2016

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"Open" E-board meeting

We're inviting Black Diamonds Union General Body members to attend part of our e-board meeting so that you may share any ideas you have regarding programs at GESU this semester. For those of you who aren't members but interested in becoming one, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Dues ($25-good for a year, includes t-shirt & covers clearances) can also be paid tonight. 8:15pm Room 207 in the student center

What we've got planned for GESU

2/3 "Black Hall of Fame"

BDU will be presenting the students with some history of well known Black individuals who also happen to be natives of Philadelphia. Come out and learn something new!

2/10 Black Athletes & College

Temple student athletes will serve as special guests and will be sharing their experiences of being an athlete in college. If you yourself are a student athlete or know anyone who is one and would be interested in talking with the students please feel free to reach out to us via email this week!

2/17 "Hmm, I've got an idea!"

Black inventors will be the topic of discussion. Additionally, students will participate in several small activities in which they'll be able to invent something of their own.

2/24 Young, Black, and Gifted

Black culture is rich with and full of the arts. Join us as we present the students with an art "show N' tell". If you have any sort of artistic or creative talent (dancing, singing, playing an instrument, painting, graphic design, etc) and are interested in presenting don't hesitate to contact us!

**Volunteers are welcomed at all programs/events. Please email us if interested**