Chess In The Hamptons

Join us in the Hamptons for a summer of Chess

Book your teacher for the Summer today.

Chess At 3 will be in The Hamptons this summer, and we can't wait to get started with our Summer program. Book your teacher quickly as our time slots are filling up quickly. We have guaranteed slots available to reserve your in home lessons for the summer.

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Our Method

Chess At 3 uses a story based curriculum to impart the world of chess, to a younger generation than ever before. Before Chess At 3, chess education began at 8. Chess At 3's curriculum has a proven ability to get 3-year olds playing and loving chess.

The raw rules of chess are too abstract for 3-year olds to grasp. But Chess At 3 translates these diffucult rules into easy to comprehend stories. The stories give reasons why rules in chess exist. Children are able to follow these memorable stories, and without knowing it, start to play and love chess. Chess At 3 has teachers and curriculum for all levels of chess, from Beginner to Master, 3 year old, to 80 year old.

Summer Pricing

  • 1-hour in home lesson - $150