The Race to feed the world!


Happy Days, Our Crops are Doing Pretty Dandy, we're Making Mas food per capita!

We have increased food production by devoting more fossil fuel energy to agriculture; intensifying our use of irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides; planting and harvesting more frequently; cultivating more land; and developing (through cross breeding and genetic engineering) more productive crop and livestock varieties.

Those truckin' nutritions!

1. People suffer from undernutrition, receiving fewer calories than the minimum dietary energy requirement. Most people who are undernourished live in the developing world.

2. Agricultural scientists and policymakers pursue a goal of food security, the guarantee of an adequate, reliable, and available food supply to all people at all times.

3. Those who suffer from overnutrition receive too many calories each day.

4. The quality of food is important as well. Malnutrition is a shortage of nutrients the body needs, and it can occur in both undernourished and overnourished individuals.