Scott City R-I Open Enrollment

K-12 Enrollment for Students New to Our District


August 12th and 13th from 8:00-3:00 in the cafeteria.

Social Distancing and Masks

To practice social distancing we will seat one family per table. We kindly ask that all adults wear a mask.

Required Documents

You will NOT be allowed to register if you don't have the following documents.

* A legal birth certificate

* Up-to-date immunization record

* Guardian's drivers license

* Proof of residency (current mortgage or lease, current utility bill, telephone bill for a land line, etc.)

* Custody papers (if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my child with me when I enroll them?

No, your child doesn't have to be present during enrollment.

How long should I allow for the enrollment process?

The enrollment process could take up to 45 minutes.

Can I put money on my child's lunch account?

Yes, if you would like to put money on your child's lunch account you will be able to do that during enrollment.

Can I see if my child is eligible for free and reduced lunch?

Yes, You can fill out the application and we can process it as you wait. You will get your results immediately.

Who will I be working with during the enrollment process?

You will be working with the counselors.

Mrs. Stacy Cossey - Elementary Counselor

Mrs. Katie Ramirez - Middle School Counselor

Mrs. LaDonna Pratt - High School Counselor

Social Media & PR

Our official page is Scott City Elementary - Scott City R-1 @ScottCityElemPLC

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Elementary Principal