North of Beautiful

By: Justina Chen Headley

Summary of the Book

North of Beautiful is about a girl who is trying to overcome fear of being rejected, because of a reddish birthmark on her cheek that she was born with. Terra is a high school girl that feels she needs to hide her birthmark with makeup, because of what other people think.

One day while Terra was at school they had a guest speaker, Terra forgot about her birthmark and rubbed her cheek a little. The guest speaker asked if Terra could stay after class so she could talk to her. Terra was reluctant but she stayed. The guest told Terra that she had a sister that was born with the same kind of birthmark Terra had and told her about a new surgery that helped get rid of her sisters birthmark.

Now Terra is faced with choosing to get the surgery or not, despite what others think Terra realizes that she needs to make decisions for herself and not others.

On her journey Terra meets a boy named Jacob in an unthinkable way and as their friendship grows their mothers become really good friends. One day they all decide to go on a trip to China to go see the orphanage that Jacob is from and to visit one of Terra's brothers that is there for work. While in China Terra and her mother restore faith and beauty inside themselves, and come home with a new look on self confidence.

About The Author: Justina Chen Headley

Her first young adult novel, Nothing but the Truth (and a few white lies), won the 2007 Asian Pacific American Award for Youth Literature. Justina is also the co-founder of readergirlz, an award-winning online book community for teens. She also has a website

My Opinion

I think that this book was fantastic. If you are looking for an inspiring book this is definitely the book for you. This book really has so many life lessons that can really relate to anyone. It is a very enjoyable book.