Math Professional Development

Spring After-School Workshop Series

Open to BGPS Staff & Administrators

Presented by: Lisa Melander, Math Specialist

All classes meet at LVMS, 4 - 6 PM, Room C-22

The Math Classroom

03/03 & 03/10: The demands of math instruction are greater than they have been before. This workshop will help participants re-calibrate their math instruction with a focus on teaching conceptually. Specifics include establishing a student-centered classroom culture, student engagement, incorporating the Math Practice standards, and lesson structure. This is an overview of the components that support the transition from a traditional classroom to a Common Core classroom. 2-part class / 4 clock hours total.

Creating a Math Classroom Culture

03/17 & 03/24: What does teaching and learning look like in a student-centered, standards-based classroom? How do we shift teacher control to allow for greater student independence without devolving into chaos? These are the questions that frame this workshop and participants will learn how to create a safe learning environment as well as how to establish math norms and group procedures. 2-part class / 4 clock hours total.

Using the Math Practice Standards Effectively

03/31 & 04/14: The Math Practice standards are an important complement to the content standards and target how to think about mathematics. The Math Practices serve as a vehicle to the math content and provide the strategies for doing mathematics. This workshop will focus on making sense of these practices as well as on the practical use of them in supporting other components of the math classroom. 2-part class / 4 clock hours total.

ELA in Math Class: What it means to read, write, talk and listen - mathematically!

04/21 & 04/28: This workshop will help participants with particular instructional strategies such as number talks, problem-solving notebooks, math journals, mathematician’s chair, etc. to get students to attend to precision and to effectively communicate their thinking. The goal is to use classroom conversation to help students with their reasoning of big mathematical ideas. 2-part class / 4 clock hours total.

  • 3+ hours of attendance is required to earn clock hours.

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