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Join Dr. O as she teaches students vital skills in pet care

Don't miss out on these popular and informative courses by holistic veterinarian Dr. Caroline O'Sullivan.

Dr. Caroline O’Sullivan is the founder of Holistic Veterinary Care and Acupuncture Center, LLC and the host of a regular talk show, Holistic Pet Care with Dr. O.

Her newest book is entitled, Take Two Bones and Call Me in the Morning: Holistic First Aid for Dogs and Cats.,,

Why Is My Dog Getting Cancer?

Tuesdays 3/17/15 to 4/7/15 • 6 - 8 pm

Course description:

“Let food be your medicine,” said Hippocrates, the father
of medicine. The food choices we make for ourselves and
our pets can greatly influence the formation and growth
of cancer. Learn about the best foods to aid in prevention
and about biologically active chemicals, phytonutrients,
superfoods, organics, and pH considerations. This course
will provide information that can be used to affect changes
today for both you and your loved ones. $75

Holistic First Aid For Pets

Tuesdays 4/14/15 to 4/28/15 • 6 - 8 pm

Course description:

If you are a pet owner and/or pet lover, this is a very important
class. Learn about first aid for many conditions, and
which are manageable at home and which are emergencies.
This is a hands-on class and includes information for both
traditional and holistic approaches to unexpected situations
and conditions. Learn to recognize early warning signs and
symptoms as well as preparedness strategies to keep your
pet safe. $65

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