Brandons hero! Who Is It?

Brandon- My mom is my hero because shes the strongest mentally and also emotionally. She went through a bad divorce and still is as you read this. She also raised four kids on her own my oldest sister, who is now in college, April, who is 17, my older brother Arthur, who is 17, and my younger brother Ricky, who is 11. She has always looked out for us and protected us from anything that got in between us and her. She always made sure we were safe, fed, clothed and under a roof. It wasn't always our own roof, but she made it work and I appreciate her for that. To me, she cant even compare to Wonder Woman.
I want to one day be able to have a family. My mom showed me unconditional love to show to my future family. She also showed me sacrifice. My mom made many sacrifices while raising me and my siblings and she still does. I want to be able to raise my kids like she did one day and be a super hero to my kids like she is to to.