"The Tiger and the Race"


Once upon a time a Tiger who was black and orange was in a race.
He was very fast but he was very shy. It was a best of 3 series and he was racing against a cheetah. The Tiger lost the first race because he was scared that he would be embarrassed. The tiger lost all of his confidence. He is thinking about dropping out . His trainer , Jaguar tried to encourage him. The Jaguar said , " TIger whats wrong why arent you running as fast as you can." , "I dont know , I'm super scared of getting embarrassed and failing. " said Tiger. , "Remember all those hour of training we had those were for you, we can beat cheetah. I know it.", said Jaguar. ," OK I'm ready. I know i can beat him." Exclaimed Tiger. SO the Tiger regained his confidence and proved that he was the fastest animal in the land.

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