Clockwork Angel

Independent Project. English 2 Honors. 5/17/13

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Author: Cassandra Clare

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Setting: This book is set in London during the Victorian England era.

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Conflict: The beginning conflict of Clockwork Angel is the main character, Tessa, now orphaned a second time in her life has traveled to England to reunite with her brother only to find out that he has been kidnapped. The "Dark Sisters" threaten her brother's safety in order to take her to a place where they awake a power she never knew she had. The leader of the Dark Sisters and a club, called the Pandimonium club, wants to marry Tessa and use her power for his own evil plans to destoy all shadowhunters. However while trying to find her brother she starts on another conflict itself, falling for two of the demon-fighting shadowhunters.

Characterization: Tessa is a quiet girl who has been through at lot in her life to make her that way. She uses humor to help hide some of her feelings and often likes to escape into her books to dream of having a family or going on the cool adventures. Soon that boring life gets a lot more complicated and it overwelms her. After a while though she deals with what shes been avoiding and finds out just who she really is personality wise. This newfound strong self has always had to make hard decisions and has learned to accept things as they come.

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Biography of Cassandra Clare: Cassandra was born in Iran, though didn't stay there very long, and spent most of her childhood traveling the world with her American parents. Her main treasure growing up was her trunks of books which was how she stabilized her constantly changing atmosphere. She started having fun with writting in high school in Los Angeles. Her career started in the tabloids but living in New York influenced her to write her first book whose setting is in Manhattan. She is now married with two cats.

Biography of Kristi Payne: Kristi has lived in Lexington, North Carolina her whole life with her parents, brother, and two sisters. She has always been a quiet, shy girl. She's an animal person, currently having five cats, a dog, and a turtle. She loves excaping into a mystical worlds through books or movies, though she usually thinks the book is always better. Her hobbies consist of shopping, reading, tennis, and archery.

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Critical Response: "Steampunk is hot, and Clare conquered it! Methodically researched, her Victorian London is dark and romantic, and the strong-willed Tessa is an unexpected hero readers will love. Her love interest, Will, is the bad boy only Tessa can understand, while the sweet Jem is a possibility, too. At completion, the reader has more questions than answers, but the clarity of writing and quick plot turns will ensure its popularity."


Reader's Review of the Book: I recommend this book to all fans of fantasy. It is an easy read that starts off a little slow but it is justs building the path into this addictive story. Most people find the falling in love with two guys a cliche as of recently, however, i assure you this book brings an all new twist into it that makes it even harder to choose between the boys. Clockwork Angel sets siblings against each other, shows a very emotional time for characters, and has a search to reveal an evil villian.